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About Ayrate

Crafted for simplicity, designed for efficiency

Ayrate will find the best
package deal plan for your
company across borders.

To the average bill, that would be an increase of
~1%. The savings expected from error detection,
automated man-hours, and plan optimization is
expected to be 30%.

  • Telecom Savings

    Ayrate aims to optimize costs by saving clients over 30% on their telecom expense

  • Manage usage

    Analytics will track usage behavior and ensure no overspending occurs.

  • Dashboard

    Technology to visualize your telecom bill and obtain more insights.

  • Manage users

    Spot over-spenders, and where most of your additional telecom costs are incurred

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how it all

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Our Process

01Register & Upload Bills

By registering as the company administrator, you are prompted to
upload bills. The first bills are uploaded and analyzed free of charge.
Simply drag and drop the bills in the "bills" section.

To ensure all mobile numbers are registered. Send a registration link
under "users" to company employees where they will register for their
respective phone numbers. This is done only once per employee

Register & Upload Bills
Request Update

02Request Update

On a monthly basis, employees can report their personal usage (e.g.
conducting a personal call to the home country). As an administrator
this is prompted under "Bills", where a requested update will send an
e-mail to registered users asking them to indicate which charges are
incurred for personal usage

03Issue Report to Finance

With a click of a button, Finance can be informed in a structured
report of what deducations can be made on salary based on
personal charges (e.g. subscription/parking fees, and substantial
international calls can all be deducted from pay)

Issue Report to Finance
>Analysis & Recommendations

04Analysis &

Ayrate will reflect the month-on-month analysis of phone bill activity
to tell you wether or not your plan is optimized. In the event that the
plan requires further optimization, Ayrate may issue recommendations such as:

  • Re-shuffle the users into more effective groups
  • Change to a better plan with the same provider
  • Change to a better plan with a different provider

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Our software works with over 90% of telecommunication providers worldwide

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Mobile Plan Optimization

Mobile Plan Optimization

Ayrate analyzes the market to derive the best plan that
fits your specific needs

Bill Error Detection

Bill Error Detection

Larger companies can be spending millions on
bill errors, or onservices that are no longer used